Mobile Sports Video
Get your live streaming and on-demand sports video programming to mobile consumers now!

The 2014 FIFA World Cup has experienced record TV Everywhere numbers for a mobile live streaming sports event. Viewing sports on smartphones and tablets has become a common activity. Producing great sports programming that fans demand is your business; delivering an engaging TV Everywhere video experience is ours. Mobile Video Platform is a flexible and modular solution for easy management of live streaming or on-demand video delivery on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

An image of a mobile phone with a soccer player kicking a ball.

According to the Global Sports Media Consumption Report:

  • 168 million consumers in the U.S. follow sports, now the fastest growing video programming viewed on mobile
  • 42% of fans consume sports video on a mobile device
  • Mobile sports fans are primarily between the ages of 18 – 34
  • 44% of fans following sports on mobile prefer apps rather than Websites
A graph depicting several sports and percentages of Americans who follow those sports

Sports fans in the U.S. follow between three and four sports. Football is the most followed, baseball and basketball are second and third. While NASCAR and hockey are followed by 15% of the adult population.

A mobile video sports app will increase engagement and viewing of your sports programming. Grow your network’s mobile advertising revenue by reaching this rapidly expanding market of mobile sports fans. We understand you have established relationships with advertisers that need to continue reaching your video audience. We partner with the world’s largest and market-leading mobile video advertising platform providers. Our advertising partners provide expertise in developing mobile advertising revenue for your sports video programming.

Mobile Video Platform can deliver sports programming where consumers are today: on Smart TVs, over-the-top (OTT) video streaming and connected TV devices like Roku and Amazon Fire TV. Configure Social TV features to grow your sports programming audience as fans enjoy sharing sports highlights on Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, monetization is achievable through paid subscriptions and in-app purchases as the platform can be configured to support secure authenticated access to your paid sports and TV subscribers.

Watching TV while simultaneously using a smartphone or tablet is the new normal. 56% of Americans engage with a second screen during their TV sessions.

Mobile Video Platform’s modular structure provides a flexible and cost effective path to creating second screen and companion TV apps. Sports fans are engaged and emotional about their teams and players. Sports video programming creates high Social TV activity, as 50% of Tweets about TV were about sports events in 2013. A second screen sports app will deepen audience engagement through interactive content on player profiles and quizzes about teams. Learn today how quickly and cost effectively we can create a custom branded mobile sports video or second screen app.